Colonial One

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Colonial One
Colonial One
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
FTL: Yes
Propulsion: 2 x sublight engines, 4 x commercial-rated FTL drive pods, manouvering thrusters.
Crew: Unknown
Capacity: (approx) 100-150 standard - up to 500 under emergency conditions
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Role: Presidential transport
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Length: 277 feet
Width: 49 feet
Height: 72 feet
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Departing Caprica

The Colonial Government chartered an Intersun starliner, designated Colonial Heavy 798, for ferrying Secretary of Education Laura Roslin, and her staff and members of the Colonial press to and from the decommissioning ceremonies for the battlestar Galactica. Colonial Heavy 798 arrives and docks with the Galactica a few hours before the ceremonies. After the ceremonies Colonial Heavy 798 heads back to Caprica with Lee Adama in Commanader Adama's Viper Mark II as an escort.

While enroute back to Caprica, the Cylon attack commences. Colonial Heavy 798 and Colonial press members hear of news that Caprica has been nuked along with other Colonies. Secretary Roslin, being the highest goverment official on board, takes charge of the situation by setting up Colonial Heavy 798 for long term use. Along the way a single Cylon raider tries to attack Colonial Heavy 798, but Lee Adama in the Viper Mark II diverts the missle into a salvage yard. Lee's Viper is damaged in the process, but Colonial Heavy 798 tows the Viper and Lee Adama into its cargo bay (Miniseries).

Case Orange

Roslin being sworn in.
See main article, Case Orange.

With a Case Orange broadcast and with Laura Roslin responding to the automated distress signal, confirmation comes back that President Adar and the rest of his cabinet are either dead or missing from the attacks. Laura Roslin is quickly sworn-in as the new President on board[1], and Colonial Heavy 798 is re-named Colonial One, in recognition of its status in transporting the President.

Rescue Operations

Colonial One with nowhere to go engages in rescue missions under the direct orders of the President. Colonial One starts to locate and gather other civilian vessels marooned in space around the vicinity of Caprica. During this time a message from Galactica and Colonial One are exchanged in which orders should be followed - regroup at Ragnar Anchorage or engaged in rescue operations. Before minds can be made up, a Cylon Raider, with nukes on board, FTLs into the area. Lee Adama saves the day once more using Galactica's old EMP coils to shut down and fool the Cylon once more. Afterwards Colonial One along with the rest of the FTL capable ships jump to Ragnar Anchorage moments before a larger Cylon Raider group shows up.


While this ordinary starliner probably lacks many of the facilities and systems the original Colonial One would have boasted, Roslin has nevertheless made it her base of operations, thus helping to keep her civilian administration physically distinct from William Adama's military leadership. The ship secruity is handled by the Presidential security service, which is independent of the military leadership.


Docking in the Port Flight Pod

Colonial One is small enough to fit inside the flight pod of both Galactica and Pegasus (Water). This makes either one of these two ships a "safe haven" and also reducing contact with outsiders who would otherwise have the chance to make a move on the important vistors that Colonial One now ferries around.


Production Art of Colonial One

Its normal passenger capacity has been reduced to accommodate the offices and cabins required by government personnel. Civilian passengers on Colonial One reside in converted sections of the liner.

A large main cabin aboard the ship provides seating accommodation for dignitaries and press alike, while forward of this are small, more personal quarters reserved for ministers and their guests. Despite its conversion for government use, Colonial One retains its own docking bay, large enough to take a Colonial shuttle, and also boasts a cargo hold big enough to house a Viper-sized craft (Miniseries).


After the Colonial election to determine the next elected successor to the presidency, Roslin having served out the remainder of Richard Adar's term, Roslin's vice-president, Gaius Baltar, now having won the election, also uses Colonial One as the base of operations for the Colonial Goverment.

Landing Mode: On

When New Caprica is settled, Colonial One is one of the few ships to land permanently on the planet, touching down on a hilltop overlooking the settlement on the planet. A year after his election, President Baltar has all but done away with the modesty of Roslin's office on the ship. He remakes it to resemble his old house on Caprica, replacing Roslin's simple desk with an extravagant wood desk, her office chair with a decorated leather seat, her back office with an apparent harem and the population-count white board with a picture of himself.

Cinematic Trivia

Colonial One sporting the Presidential seal in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I"
  • The cockpit of Colonial One is a redressed original Space Shuttle Orbiter cockpit simulator. The current Orbiter fleet have since been refurbished with newer cockpits.
  • The ship is always seen flying next to Galactica either for best protection or convenience when the President needed to board. (Cinematically, having the two ships close in a shot also played well to the challenges in the separation of civilian and military authority.)
  • The passenger area of the ship is modeled after the interior of the Pan Am Clipper Orion space shuttle seen ferrying Dr. Floyd into orbit in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The ship was intentionally painted in the color scheme of the real world Air Force One to evoke more of that "real world" feel from the series.
  • Half way through season one, the Colonial One CG model was updated and the seal of the President of the Twelve Colonies was added to the dorsal "hump" at the bow of the ship. The reuse of stock footage from early in season one and the Miniseries, however causes the seal to continually appear and disappear at random intervals.


  1. U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn-in immediately after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas.